5 Things to Be Excited About at Comic Con

When it comes to the comic-con time, you should start thinking about the greatest and latest news, which will hit our screens in the near future. All major studios will try to bring something exciting and different to the table for purposes of satisfying the desires of their audiences. Taking photos would make cheap gifts for friends eventually. The following are some of the most anticipated movies, installations, and panels you cannot wait to see at com con 2018.


Aquaman early Look


The James Wan’s movie Aquaman will be released on Dec 21, 2018. Currently, the project is being shot in Australia and while we do not expect to get a full trailer at the comics. It appears feasible to claim that early footage will be brought to entice the audiences. Arguably, Aquaman is the first most creative DC films, since it got the full force of creative overhauls that have been occurring.


Avengers: Infinity War


Marvel also provide and footage from the Avengers: Infinity war that will be released in May 2018. It also appears like a safe bet, which infinity wars super cast (Guardians, Avengers, Doctor Strange and Spider Man) will take to the stage for a photoshoot. It is also highly expected that Marvel will tout their comic movies that will be produced in 2018 (Ant-Man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel (2019).


Black Panther


For sometimes now, Marvel has been showcasing footage form and teasers from the Black Panther movie (one of the price projects of Marvel for the phase 3). There is footage meant to entice you so that you can enjoy the new and exciting movie that was released several days ago.


Kingsman: The Golden Circle and 20th Century Fox


20th century Fox has remained silent about what they will release to Hall H. 20th Century. Fox did not have convection last year because of the piracy issues. However, they will be back, and we may guess what they have for us—exciting movie stuff. You can try to figure out the new Mutants, Dark Phoenix, X-men presence, Deadpool 2 that are set to be released in 2018. Also, we can receive some news on the Gambit movie.


Young Justice


Warner Bros will bring many shows and DC including the live action of Supergirl, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. The films and shows such as Krypton and Black Lighting will be excellent, but the return of Young Justice is exciting, in particular.


The series producers Brandon Vietti, Greg Weisman, and other members of the creative team (like Dirtro Phil Bourassa) will be ready to answer many questions about the Young justice and its resurrection, and even provide exclusive looks. What is more important, Young justice: Outsiders is going to be one of the few shows that use the DC’s streaming service which debuts in 2018, along with Titans series live action.


In summary, comic con is coming to cover your favorite comics, TV, movies, games, nerdtacular trips with trailers, news, interviews, footage reactions, and others. You can book your place at the nearest comic con show for an excellent experience.